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Laurshan, Inc.

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Who: Laurshan, Inc.

Laurshan, Inc. is a family owned and operated General Contracting company who have been in the Valley of the Sun for over 30 years and have built millions of square feet of commercial projects. They build gorgeous building from the ground up, as well as engage in tenant improvement and remodel work. Over the years, they have built more than 100 restaurants in Maricopa County and take great pride in calling themselves Restaurant Specialists.


• Branding Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Architecture
• Audience Identification
• Competitive Analysis
• Value Proposition Development
• Content Strategy
• Website Development


They have streamlined their company to keep extremely hands on and focused on schedules and budgets instead of worrying about their online presence. They have forged great relationships with the municipalities and their inspectors, and have obtained very qualified superintendents, as well as a large, qualified subcontractor pool. Laurshan’s philosophy is to work as a team and have a messaging strategy and a visual identity that work hand in hand to communicate its quality in end product.